Are Your Customers Buying From You or Somebody Else?

Finally, an Easy and Affordable Marketing Tool for Businesses
of All Sizes

... that's Guaranteed to bring you more business

Imagine keeping your name in front of your customers for only pennies.

Think about periodically reminding them of your business by giving value through promotions, newsletters, or coupons.

Now imagine these messages presented in a professional manner. Good-looking, memorable messages. With almost no effort on your part!

Each message is personalized for each of your customers, reaching them on a deeper level.

And when you send these messages a magical thing happens. Your customers start thinking about your business.

Any good marketer knows that you need to test your ads to see what works and what doesn't. Wouldn't it be great to quickly find out what works by getting real marketing information instantly?

Find out who has read the message, when they read it, and what they read about. You then quickly generate a follow up message that further promotes the exact product to the exact people that want it.

And you've done it all in less than 30 minutes of your time.

What would that do for your business?


Read on and find out how you can save over $200 by using Contact Max!

Monday, 12:23 p.m.
A Special Message From Evonne Hopkins
Re: "ContactMax Special Limited Time Offer"

Dear Smart Marketer,

If you are like most people I know, you have started to look into different ways to profitably market your company. (That's why you're reading this, right?)

Let me ask you these critical questions.

  1. Why are you wasting money sending your information
    to people who don't care?
  2. Most businesses don't market to their current customers, do you?
  3. Does having a proven method of raising customer loyalty appeal to you?
  4. Does getting more repeat business sound good to you?

If you already market to your customers, then congratulations, you are way ahead of the game. You need to read on and find out how to use ContactMax for effective follow up.

On the other hand, if you answered "I don't know" then please read on because I have something that, I guarantee will help you.

I need to introduce you to a tool, built from the ground up, that can make it all happen for you.

Before we begin, tell me this:

If you could create the perfect marketing system,
what would it do?

  Deliver a professionally designed marketing campaign to all of your customers for pennies each?

  Instantly measure the effectiveness of your marketing, so that you know how to best use your marketing dollars?

  Generate follow-ups that target each individual's wants?

  Provide personal, hand-holding guidance to maximize your results?


If I could provide you with this kind of system, you would be interested, wouldn't you?

If you are interested then you can click here to skip ahead. If you're not yet sure, then read on...

Why traditional marketing doesn't
cut it anymore.

You may have been avoiding direct marketing. I don't blame you. I've sent a few traditional direct marketing pieces myself.

What a pain! It's hard and expensive. And who has the time?

There are also very few ways to track your results. If you can't track your results, how do you know where to spend your money? You're throwing money away!

Heck, you don't even know if the marketing piece was delivered!

Here is the formula I came up with for
traditional direct marketing:

(Preparation + Printing + Postage = Pain)

If this sounds like you click here to skip ahead. If you're not yet sure, let me show you why marketing to your customers is important.

Why Market to your Current Customers?

I think I'll let one of the great marketing gurus handle this one.

Here is a great quote from Jay Conrad Levinson, the creator of Guerrilla Marketing and publisher of many best-selling marketing books.

"Guerrillas invest 60 percent of their budgets marketing to their customers, knowing it costs them one-sixth as much to make a sale to an existing customer compared with marketing to a non-customer.

By investing the most in the market that produces the most profits, yet costs the least to reach, guerrillas maximize their total marketing investment."

-- Jay Conrad Levinson

Pretty powerful words, don't you think? Simple math tells us that selling more of your product at a lower cost,
you maximize your profits! And the place to do that kind of selling is to your current customers.

Why? Because they already have a relationship with you. They trust you. You've already sold them on your business. Over half the battle is already won! Don't underestimate the power of getting repeat business.

I agree, sign me up


 "OK," you say. "So I need to market to my customers.
But why should I spend my money to send e-mails?"

 Actually, there are several reasons why you should order and use ContactMax.

Why sending regular e-mail doesn't cut it.

E-mail is great. It's a fast, effective medium for communication. But regular e-mail falls short as a marketing tool. Here's why...

  • Not Personalized: Studies have shown that a personalized greeting and subject line makes the message up to five times more likely to be read. Are you going to manually personalize every e-mail you send out?
  • No List Management: Do you really want to manage all of the subscribers and the opt-out requests by hand? You need a tool to automate this.
  • Not Consistent: If your "look" is always different, your customers will think it's spam and delete it
  • No Tracking: Smart marketing means testing and tracking. How do you know what your customers interests are if you don't track things like open and click-through rates?
  • Not attention grabbing : When used properly, color and graphics can greatly improve your click-through rates.

    Why the ContactMaxTM solution works

    Now, I'd like to propose an easier, faster, no-pain solution. Read closely because what I have to share with you is really unique in the industry.

    We've built an incredible marketing machine and it is helping businesses inexpensively raise customer loyalty nearly everyday. We call it ContactMax TM.

    ContactMax is a powerful, web-based marketing tool that is being used right now to turn customers into repeat customers and increasing customer loyalty with e-mail marketing campaigns.

    But here is where we are different from every other business that builds marketing software. W
    e don't just give you a tool and say "thanks." We want to make your marketing succeed. Our unique ContactMax Service Bureau can help guide you through.

With ContactMax you get

  Maximum ease of use: Make your marketing a breeze. With ContactMax, it's as simple as point-click-fill out a form. You don't need to know HTML, or anything technical. If you can fill out a form, you can create e-mail marketing campaigns like these in just minutes.

  Full Service: Just don't have the time to put it together? Have our ContactMax Service Bureau do the work. We can put together your initial "look" or provide ongoing support for all of your e-marketing campaigns.

 Time Savers: Concentrate on your message, not your formatting. With ContactMax templates, you can create a promotion or announcement that would impress a professional designer.

ContactMax also provides automated opt-in and opt-out capabilities so you don't have to worry about managing your customer list. And your lists are always safe.
Only you have access to your information, via your User ID and Password. Your User ID and Password are unique to you alone.

No hand-input of your customer lists. Using our proprietary ExtractorMax tool, you can automatically pull your current contacts from programs such as Outlook, Act!, Goldmine and QuickBooks! In less than 2 minutes you could have your entire customer list in ContactMax.

  Create and Increase Customer Loyalty: By creating customer loyalty, you can't help but to increase your profits!

  Repeat business:  ContactMax is so powerful and so easy to use that I guarantee that not only will ContactMax save you marketing dollars, but it will also generate repeat business (i.e. profits).

  Personalized messages: Studies have shown that when the recipient's name is on the subject line, the e-mail is opened up to 5 times as often.

ContactMax creates personalized, graphically-appealing e-mail marketing promotions, newsletters, announcements, and coupons. See the samples for yourself.

Your message is personalized with your customer's first name, both in the message (Dear Steve, ) on the subject line (Steve, Our monthly newsletter...), and we just added the capability of putting the name of the customer anywhere you want in your message. It works like a simple mail merge.

Each message is sent individually. There is no huge "TO:" list and no "BCC:" list. Why is this bad? Well, spammers read these huge lists and use them to add the names to their own spam list. Spam is bad. Don't get caught helping spammers.

  Reporting to Measure your effectiveness: Get inside your customer’s head to find out what they really want with our Success Tracker reports.

  • How many e-mails were actually opened.
  • Which were the most popular links
  • Who clicked on which link, and when.
  • and the single point that makes this
    an insanely cheap investment
    .... ContactMax tells you the information your customers are interested in!

Think about that one for a minute.

ContactMax can actually give you the information every marketer dreams of. "What do the customers want?"

Now, you can give the customers what they want and avoid wasting time with what they don't want.

  Super Easy Targeted follow up:
If you know what people's interests are, you need to act. ContactMax provides the easiest way to follow up with your "hot list" of interested customers.
ContactMax can automatically build a follow-up group list so you can send follow up e-mails to the people that actually clicked the specific links.

For example: If you were selling ski equipment and your campaign went out with three topics. Each topic has a link that takes the reader back to your home page for more information. The links are: Boots, Skis, and Jackets. With only two clicks, you could create a new list of people that click on the Jackets link and send them a coupon for a jacket!

 Using our technology, you will be capturing customer's actions and desires. You can use this collected information to send follow-up promotions that target the actions your customers took with your message. With as few as two clicks, you are building new mailing lists that target your customers desires.

Detailed Reporting and Targeted Follow-up. They'll wonder how you're reading their minds!

And you could be sending your first campaign today if you sign up now.

More Reasons to order ContactMax

  • Support and Help when you need it
    Just don't have the time to put it together? Have our ContactMax Service Bureau do the work. For a nominal processing fee you can send us the text and we will set it up for you.
  • Free Lifetime Updates
    We are constantly improving the system to make it an unbelievable value for you.

  • No Installation or maintenance headaches
    ContactMax is totally Web-based. We manage the software, hardware, network connections and internet connectivity. If you have a browser and can get on the Internet, you can manage your account from anywhere in the world.
  • Automatically Determine type of e-mail to deliver
    Some older e-mail readers can only read text. ContactMax uses SmartMax technology that will automatically deliver the correct version (HTML or Text). One less problem for you.

OK, Sign me up

But what about the cost?

Let me ask you this. How much would you pay to get inside your customer's head? To know their desires?

Big companies spend millions on research and focus groups to find their customer's needs.

Can you afford millions? I know I can't.

But this information is built in -- at no additional cost-- to your ContactMax system.

No other form of marketing gives you this kind of real-time decision making information.

For this reason alone, you need to click here to sign up now

We will also help you along with weekly tips and suggestions. No where else will you find a company willing to "get it's hands dirty" with their customer's campaigns.

Not only that, but you also save up to 80% vs. traditional marketing costs AND get more value.

You can target up to 1000 of your customers for only $50 per month. You can send your promotions to 1000 people once or to 1 person 1000 times. It doesn't matter to us.

Let's compare ContactMax to the cost and features of direct mailing 1000 pieces:

  Design Printing Postage Tracking?
Immediate Feedback?
(Full Color)
Mailers (Black&White)

1000 e-mails @ $50 vs. $185 per campaign, + $250 printing costs + time spent preparing envelopes, applying postage, designing the message and graphics, and delivering the mailers to the Post Office.

Because the monthy investment depends on the number of e-mails you send per month, the more you send, the less the "postage". You could get a "postage rate" as low as 2 cents a message.

Not only is ContactMax cost-effective, but think about the time and energy you will be saving using a tool with the built-in automation of ContactMax.

ContactMax is your no-pain solution for
increasing customer loyalty and
cashing in that "pot of gold."


OK, you're a tough sell. But you've made it this far. I know that ContactMax can help you like it has helped many other businesses, so...

  • You need to act now because our Extra Bonus Offer
    will expire very soon.
  • You spend less on your marketing.
  • You get an easier way to reach your customers.
  • You get quick insight into your customer's desires
  • You get an easy followup system to target customer's desires

There is no risk to you whatsoever!

I take all the risk!

    I believe so strongly that ContactMax will help your business that I'll give you what no other company will.

      A 97 day money-back guarantee.

    That's right! Over three months!

    Once you've tried this tool and see it's results, there is no way you will want to give it back.

Click here to order ContactMax and get the free bonus Click here to get the Free Trial but pass on the bonus

Help yourself out and get the tools you need to succeed today. We'll even help you along the way. Order ContactMax now.

Evonne Hopkins

P.S. So what are you waiting for? It doesn't get any better than this. Order Now! Before the Bonus offer expires!

P.P.S. If you are skeptical about ordering, why not take the Free trial? You get 30 days to send up to 50 e-mails.

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